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Our Chinese Butterflies

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Fristoe family
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

Not sure if I am ever going to get this blogging down.   I have every intention to post daily and then days turn to weeks.  It has been a very busy week!!  So, I am just going to blog about one day and will catch up, hopefully, later.  I have some cute Halloween pictures.

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy Aaron!!!!  He turned 4 on November 1st.  Wow, I can't believe he is really that old. 

The day started off as usual, except Hannah decided to get up early.  I was putting on Aaron's shoes and he was telling me to go and get Hannah, over and over.  I went to get her and when I picked her up, I realized she had twisted her hair so much it was caught in her hair.  So, I took her to the living room and Aaron's bus showed up.  I had to leave her in the chair, crying and take Aaron to the bus, our school district requires that anyone under 5 1/2  must be escorted to the bus.   I get him to the bus and realize it is his birthday, tell him Happy Birthday, kiss him, wave and hurry back into the house.   Hannah is standing in the chair, screaming, I try to untangle her finger and then it hits me, IT IS ONLY HAIR,  I NEED TO SAVE HER FINGER!!!  I go and get a pair of scissors and cut the hair and untangle her finger.  I don't have any idea how long her finger had been like that, she often wakes up and plays in her crib for awhile.  Here are pictures, they aren't great, but you get the idea:

Her finger still has a mark, but it pink and doesn't seem to hurt her.

Aaron is a shy little guy.  He loves candy and would eat it all day if allowed too.  But, he is not a Halloween man.  So, we only went to 3 houses and he was ready to go home!!  (Pictures to follow)
We went to Aaron's parent/teacher conference and learned how sweet and well mannered our little guy is.  His teacher loves him and told us how he plays with all the children, regardless of ability, and hugs everyone.  I really can see this, because he is so good to Hannah.  When we went to my parent's house on Halloween, he was watching TV when grandma took him candy.  She said he took it and started to hand it back to her and asked if Hannah got any, she told him yes, so he took it and ate it.

We had a small birthday party for him on Tuesday.  I made him a cake, just like he wanted, with train candles.  He loves to blow out candles and will have you light them over and over, but not tonight.  Tonight he wanted presents.  We gave them too him one at a time and he told us that he loved each of them.   So he are the pictures:


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