Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, I can't believe 2013 is over.  It went by so fast.  I will give you a brief review of our year, some good, some bad.

In January: Hannah was admitted for Influenza B, pneumonia and bilat. ear infection, 5 days before Clara was scheduled for open heart.  While in the ER at a different Children's Mercy location, I begged they admit her at the downtown location, so I would be there when Clara had open heart and I wouldn't have to leave her alone.  They were kind and found her a bed on the 6th floor.  So for 3 days I had girls on the 2nd and 6th floor.  I was then told I had to decide which one to stay with, that I could no longer visit both, after Clara spiked a temperature.  Clara was coming off the vent and calling for her momma, so I kissed Hannah goodbye and told her I would see her soon.  I now had girls on the 4th and 6th floor.  Clara did amazingly well and was sent home 5 days after open heart.  Hannah on the other hand remained in the hospital another day, before getting to come home.  Clara had an ASD, VSD, and PDA repaired.  One of the complications was that anyone of the wholes repaired could reopen due to the high pulmonary pressure she had.  We were blessed again and the PDA was the one to rupture, but not as big an opening as was repaired.  She will now have a cardiac cath in the Summer of 2014 and have it repaired, no more open heart!!!!!!




In February:  My father got very sick and was admitted to the hospital.  We almost lost him.  Our Pastor came and visited him and he was saved that day.  This amazing peace that came over him and his home was unbelievable!!

March:  Hannah got her 5th set of ear tubes placed and a second round of gel foam inserted into her laryngeal cleft.



April:  Was quiet.

May:  Aaron finally agreed to let someone cut his hair.  He also got his second set of ear tubes placed.  


On the 17th our precious Feng, whom was waiting for us in China, went to live with Jesus, after complications from her open heart operation.

June:  Our second granddaughter and first grandson both had birthdays.  We made a trip to St. Louis to meet our new identical twin granddaughters!!!!  They were nice, healthy, full term girls!   Aaron got his first pet, a rabbit named Bun Bun.  Now he has had many names and I can't remember them all but this is the one the girls remember.  He is the sweetest bunny and so good with the girls, which is probably why he is still alive.  Clara likes to carry him by his neck and he will hold perfectly still.  I run to his rescue and try never to leave him alone with them. 

July:  Our second grandson had a birthday.  My husband and son went to Boy Scout Camp and the babies and I got the privilege of driving down there to visit.  Who would have thought that the one time they had to camp in  July, would also be the best weather EVER!!!!  

August:  Our first granddaughter had a birthday.  Hannah was diagnosed with MRSA in her EAR!!!!  We were so excited to get to start weekly appointments with the ENT, as well as treating everyone in the house with antibiotics, while Hannah got to take 3 different ones.  Trust me, Hannah LOVES her ENT, not!!!  Aaron started kindergarten.  This made this momma sad.

September:  Dewey and Daniel rode the train to St. Louis and helped Justin do some work around his house and play with all 3 of our granddaughters  Clara was scheduled to start kindergarten, but instead got a stomach bug and in no time was dehydrated and admitted.  After 3 days she was sent home and started school the following week.  We had a wonderful blessing; against all odds, Hannah's ear infection was cleared up without her losing her tube.  We also found out both Hannah and Clara have hyperthyroidism and were started on levothyroxine.  Abby turned 15!!!  Daniel lead his fellow Boy Scouts at his Eagle Project!!

October:  Hannah managed to get Para Influenza, which turned into pneumonia and she was hospitalized.  This is the first time I truly believe she was discharged to early and we spent the rest of the month fighting sickness.  By the end of the month she was feeling better.  We tried going to the Trunk and Treat at Aaron and Clara's school, but had to leave after the ADULTS kept running into Clara and Hannah and knocking them over.  I took them, by myself, to McDonalds and they seemed very happy with that.  We tried trick or treating, but that is not a favorite with them, so we headed over to ma and pa's house and Clara went and held hands with her grandpa!!



November:  Hannah once again was fighting pneumonia, again!!  This time I was able to manage it myself and was able to keep her at home.  By the end of the month she was finally well and back to preschool.  Abby preformed in the Nutcracker and gets more beautiful everyday.




December:  Went to the Down Syndrome Guilds wonderful Christmas party.  I waited in line for 90 minutes so they  could all be balloon art.  Hannah and Clara got reindeers and Aaron go a helicopter.  Clara managed to delete the only picture I had of the two girls with Santa.  Justin and his family came to visit us.  Everyone was well most of the month.  The week before Christmas everyone was getting sick and dropping like flies.  Christmas day was sad for this momma.  Aaron was so sick, he really didn't get excited at all about his presents.  All he wanted to do was sleep.  Two days later he was finally feeling better and was out driving his truck.  It was really fun watching him drive what he told me was, "the most perfect truck ever!!"  It really is the perfect truck, there is setting for 3 and everyone found their spot, without any fighting!!  The older kiddos and the girls were happy and excited about their gifts and so was Dewey.   I was sick the last few days of the year, but still managed to get Daniel to the Boy Scout Headquarters, before closing on New Year's Eve, to get the final signature he needed for his Eagle Scout application.  New Year's Eve was spent with our kiddos and some of their friends dancing,  laughing, eating, watching movies and playing games.  We watched some fireworks and headed off to bed.




I pray everyone had a wonderful start to their New Year!!  I am excited to see what it brings for our family.  I am expecting there to be many changes this year.

Praying you have a wonderful year ahead.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Chinese Butterflies: The NEED is GREAT!!

Our Chinese Butterflies: The NEED is GREAT!!:                     I want to introduce you to Jack and Jensen.  Two very special boys.  Jack has a disease called...



I want to introduce you to Jack and Jensen.  Two very special boys.  Jack has a disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum or XP.  It is a rare genetic disorder that makes it impossible for the DNA to repair damage caused by ultraviolet light.  Unfortunately, Jack has not always been able to receive proper management of his condition and is now in great need of medical attention.  Sweet Jensen has cerebral palsy.  His biggest issue is  TIME.  See Jensen will age out of the system the first week of August.  He will turn 14 and no longer be eligible to be adopted. 
Angela and Jon have been given their invitation to travel and adopt these boys.  Angela will be traveling alone and IS leaving on Friday.  This Friday, in 4 days!!!  Their only road block remaining:  $3300.00 
That's it folks $3300.00 is all that is needed to rescue 2 orphans.  I have enter a challenge to help them raise these funds, along with hopefully 16 other people.  We are each praying and working at chipping away at this large mountain. 
We, including you, can do this.  We can show Angela, Jon, their boys at home and their boys in China what God's love really looks like.
All I am asking is that you help me reach my goal of $200.00.  I don't have much to offer but prayer for your family and 2 sets of movie tickets, to 2 lucky people.
Not much but it is a very small token of my appreciation to you for helping this wonderful family. 
All you need to do is donate, any amount, to their FSP and then come back here and comment.  On Friday I will draw two lucky names.
We can do this!!!  All you need to do is give up a few small treats this week. 
Thank you so much for reading about this awesome family and these beautiful boys!!  Please spread the word, pray, and donate.
Any amount will help get them home.
Thank you and praying for you,
If you want to read their blog:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Feng's Surgery

I have been told that our sweet Feng will be having surgery tomorrow, Thursday, morning for a complete repair of her heart.  That is about 9 hours from now, CST.  They feel that the surgery is the safe part and that they are very concerned about getting her off the ventilator and her recovery. 

Could you please take a moment and say a prayer for our Angel in China.  Pray for the doctors, nurses and nanny that will be with her.  Pray she comes off the ventilator easily and quickly.  Pray her pain is controlled and for a successful surgery.

Please, Please, Please say some special prayers for our girl this evening around 7 pm.

Thank you,


Thursday, April 18, 2013


We reached and surpassed our goal of $350.00!!!!!
Thank you so much for helping us.  We are thanking God daily for all of your help.  
 To our sweet little ladies in China:  We love you and are working hard to bring you home!!  Hang on Feng and keep fighting.
God Bless each of you and I am praying for you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Matching Grant

We have been blessed to receive a matching grant from ANONYMOUS ANGELS!!!  We have one week to meet their matching grant of $350.  We are currently needing to raise funds for our USCIS fees.  They are $1610.00, of which we currently have saved $482.28.  This matching grant would be so incredible helpful.   Our final home study visit is scheduled for April 25th.
I currently don't have anything to offer you.  Would you please consider helping us.  If I receive any giveaways to offer I will post them asap.  These two beautiful little angels are counting on all of us.  Please help us in anyway you can.

Feng is still waiting for surgery and most likely will not receive it while in China.  We are praying that her paperwork is completed quickly so we can expedite the adoption process.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I have made progress in my preparation for our girls.  Last Thursday, I paid for our home study and turned in all the paperwork.  We are now waiting on our social worker to contact us for our final visit.
On Wednesday evening we purchased a 12 passenger van.  We are now ready to bring our girls home from the airport!!!   Here is our van:
I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it drives really nice!!  I am so happy I chose it.  There is plenty of leg room for all the kiddos and even some storage space in the back!