Waiting on Elizabeth

Waiting on Elizabeth

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WE ARE ??????

Dossier to China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is so amazing to be able to type those 3 letters.  There have been so many obstacles thrown at us, but we prayed, kept pushing forward, believed that God would fulfill His promise, because after all He sent us on this journey and He did!  I will be even happier when I know it is safely in China.
Now on to our bigger challenge.  We currently need our FSP to read $22,449.00 for us to be fully funded and it only reads $5,449.49.  Elizabeth ages out in 78 DAYS, yes I said ONLY 78 DAYS!  We have some wonderful friends, family and Facebook pals whom have come together to help us meet, what seems like an enormous and impossible goal.
Today we are starting a fundraiser and for every $5.00 donated you will receive the following:

$5.00--1 chance

$10.00--2 chances

$15.00--3 chances

$20.00--5 chances

$50.00--15 chances

$100.00--30 chances

 You can also earn a FREE ticket by sharing on your Facebook page, Twitter or Pintrest pages. 

You can either of the buttons on the top right to donate.  Please be aware that the first button the donations are not tax deductible.  To get a tax break, please use the Family Sponsor Page through Reece's Rainbow.  All I ask is that you comment below with your name, how much you donated or
where you shared and I will award you your tickets.  Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 5th.

What you could be taking home but more importantly whom your helping bring to her new family:


Donated by Pamela Stansbury

Here is a list of all the gift cards that total $665.00 that are available:


Amazon (ecard)


Old Navy eGift Card - $10

Kohl's eGift Card - $50

Pottery Barn Gift Card

Question Mark - Credit Cards

Winner's choice!
Donated by:  Cat Schulie Hedrich


$25 Amazon.com Gift Card   $25 Amazon.com Gift Card  $25 Amazon.com Gift Card
Amazon (ecard)

large sample

Applebee's eGift Card - $25

Target eGiftCard - $25



Darden Options eGift Card - $5

large sample

large sample

Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card 

AMC Theaters eGift Card - $25  AMC Theaters eGift Card - $25
Barnes & Noble $10 Gift Card Barnes & Noble $10 Gift Card
Barnes & Noble $10 Gift CardBarnes & Noble $10 Gift Card
                Old Navy eGift Card - $10     Old Navy eGift Card - $10


$5 Starbucks eGift Card   $5 Starbucks eGift Card

$5 Starbucks eGift Card   $5 Starbucks eGift Card
Starbucks (ecards)

Please remember to comment below with your donation or advertising and I will get you entered for one of the great prizes.  Thank you for helping us get Elizabeth home, before it is too late. 


Saturday, August 16, 2014


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
These two small words just don't seem enough.  The last month has been amazing.  We started by holding and adoption garage sale.  We held it two weeks in a row.  Our oldest daughter volunteered her driveway, garage, and yard to the event.  She has a much better garage sale location on the corner of a busy street, while we live at the top of a cul-de-sac.  All of our kids and grand kids got into and help set up the sale and even purchased items.  Our second oldest granddaughter, who is 6, kept coming out and spending her hard earned savings.  We asked her why and she said she was going to make sure her mommy's new sister and her new aunt got home from China!!!!  Makes a heart sing!  What a very precious soul that girl posses. 


Grand total raised:  $1038.26
Thank you to everyone who donated to our garage sale.  It is because of your generosity that we were able to raise this amount!!
We also had an online auction.  It ran for two weeks and had some wonderful items.  Thank you to all the amazing people who donated items to the sale.  You are what made it work!!

Grand total raised:  $1836.36
We just got our fingerprint appointments and Daniel and I will walk in on Monday and Dewey will go on Tuesday.  Hopefully that will speed up the I800A process a little. 
I am still, nervously, waiting for my birth certificate to come.  I am on week 6 of the 4-8 week wait.  

Yesterday I took my father to the ER.  I had been sitting there about 4 hours and was on Facebook and had seen someone was pushing for our FSP to get a boost.  I decided to go see if anything had happen and to my surprise our FSP was up $1000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was in awe and feeling so blessed. 
Well, this morning I woke up from a dead sleep and God was telling me that I had miss read our FSP.  I came out to look again and I had miss read it.  It was BLESSED not with $1000.00 but with
Thank you to the FSP Fairy!!!!!!!!!!
We are feeling loved and blessed.  We can't wait to get to China and bring this beautiful soul home.  Please pray that her heart will be opened and peace will fill it while she waits for us.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Our home study is complete and our I800A is in Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We are trying to patiently wait for our SIM number.  As soon as we receive it, we will be able to contact the USCIS and they will expedite our case, so we can be sure and be to Elizabeth before she ages out.

I also wanted to remind you that our auction ends tonight at 10 pm CST.  Please stop by and take a look and share with all of your families and friends.  There are many items available and many have no bids!!!

Good luck!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bringing Elizabeth home-Auction

It was way more complicated then I had hoped for, but it is done and ready for viewing.  Please take a moment to go and visit our auction:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/687835561291092/
A quick update on our process.  We have finished our home study and just waiting on the final copy!!!!  I 800A paperwork is on the menu tonight!!  Please pray that everything continues to move forward and that our auction does well!!!  Please feel free to share our auction link and also our blog.
May God bless you!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We are currently collecting items for an online auction to bring home our princess Elizabeth.  She will be aging out on Dec. 1st.  If you have anything you are willing to donate, please pm me on my facebook page or reply to this post.  We are looking for pretty much anything.  Do you sell oils, books, jewelry, candles, Tupperware, any homemade items.  If you think it would sell and are willing to part with it, please consider helping us out.  Our goal is to start the auction in 2 weeks and it will run for 2 weeks. 
Thank you so much!!!
Here to motivate you; is a picture of Elizabeth learning about us!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
You can read more about Elizabeth here:  http://reecesrainbow.org/71675/elizabeth 
You can read about us here and donate at:  http://reecesrainbow.org/55633/sponsorfristoe
This is an easy request:  If you use any of the following products and don't use the reward points, you could donate them to us to help us bring Elizabeth home.  I will collect the points and buy prizes for our giveaway.
The products we are collecting are:
Coke Reward points
On bottle tops, openings of cases, on the bottom panel of cases from Sam's and Costco.
Pampers Rewards
On diaper packages and on the lids of wipe containers.
Huggies Rewards
On diaper packages and on the lids of wipe containers.
Kelloggs Family Rewards
On the inside of boxes.
Disney Reward Codes
Inside movie boxes.