Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
Our family waiting on Prudence and ?????!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Long Road Home

I just wanted to throw it out there again,
This is an easy request:  If you use any of the following products and don't use the reward points, you could donate them to us to help us bring Elizabeth home.  I will collect the points and buy prizes for our giveaway.
The products we are collecting are:
Coke Reward points
On bottle tops, openings of cases, on the bottom panel of cases from Sam's and Costco.
Pampers Rewards
On diaper packages and on the lids of wipe containers.
Huggies Rewards
On diaper packages and on the lids of wipe containers.
Kelloggs Family Rewards
On the inside of boxes.
Disney Reward Codes
Inside movie boxes.
You can simply take pictures of the codes and email them to me at:
email me above for an address to mail them too
add them to the comments to this post.
Not one code is too small.  I enter them all and I am getting close to some nice prizes.  Please if you can donate those unused points.
Thank you,


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Chinese Butterflies: CAMERON

Our Chinese Butterflies: CAMERON: I would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to a young man, that desperately wants a family of his own. Cameron     ...


I would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to a young man, that desperately wants a family of his own.

12:05ET Tomorrow.  NEW video.  Cameron's FINAL campaign.  PLEASE SHARE , LIKE and COMMENT!  :)  The video was filmed this past Saturday when the Green Family took Cameron out for the day.

Here is a video of Cameron: 


Reyana said to me tonight she has no idea how she is going to tell Cameron that a family is not coming for him....She says he wants a family more than most the other kids....
We will have one last campaign for him this Friday starting at 12:05ET.  We hope to catch someone on the way to China approved for 2 and only matched with 1.  Are you that family?  Do you know that family?  His 14th birthday is June 8.

DOB 2000-06-08 - SN Congenital heart defect post operative.  He is interested in studying. He is good at Chinese and Math. He is pleasant kid with a great smile. His smile turns solemn when asked about a family. He wants a mother and father so badly. According to the orphanage adoption director Cameron had heart surgery that was successful. However, he still struggles with circulatory problems that can cause blue skin and coldness.

Here is another video of Cameron when he went sightseeing with a visiting/adopting family.


Happy Easter!  PLEASE SHARE.  Cameron was spotted with a family that we all find so easy to love.  Last night Jeremy and Christi shared about their family day with Cameron, with David Peters.  We will have more coming on that!  We will be launching another last campaign for Cameron (Wednesday) and while we are we will be trying to help his friend Cooper to find his family by simply sharing. http://ow.ly/i/5iExr

Please everyone share these videos and let's find Cameron a family.  He is quickly running out of time.  We need a family that is approved for 2 and only has one chosen, is ready to travel in less than 20 days.  If Cameron is not adopted by his 14th birthday, he will age out of the system.  Please pray, share, pray and share again.  The has to be a family somewhere for Cameron.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a Blessing!!!

"A child born to another mother calls me 'Mom.' The depth of the tragedy and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me. " -Jody Landers
Happy Mother's Day!!
I will start out by saying Happy Mother's day to my mommy!!  I love you so much and you have taught me how to be a good mother.  I thank you for all of your love and support!!!
I am thankful that so many call me mom.  I have the best children in the world!   Eight beautiful children here on this earth.   I am also blessed with 7 amazing grandchildren.  Today I am pleased to announce that we will be adding another precious daughter to our family. 
It is an amazing story, only one that God could orchestrate.  About a year ago someone was advocating for this beautiful 12 y/o.  I showed her to my husband and suggested we go and get her.  He wasn't as quick to say yes, as he had been when I showed him Clara's picture, in fact he hesitated long enough that another family saw her and decided she would be their daughter.  So, I just kind of forgot about her.  Then she showed up again, apparently the family decided not to go through with her adoption.  I again was very drawn to her, but before Dewey even got home from work she had another family submitting their LOI, Letter of Intent.  I couldn't let go this time.  I couldn't forget about her.  I kept asking her advocate if the family had gotten PA.  Yes, yes, yes they had, in fact 3 families at one point or another had decided to adopt her, but all had backed out.  I was still waiting to hear who her family was to be, but no announcement ever came.  I kept asking about her and she couldn't be found on any agency list or the shared list.  My heart was breaking. One day I got an email that simply said we found her, are you still interested? 
I contacted the agency that now had her file and told them we were interested.  I set them some family information and they replies that they couldn't help us because we would be adopting out of birth order.  They told me they would release the file back to the shared list and I needed to find an agency that would allow us to adopt out of birth order.  I contacted Heartsent and gave them all of our information as well as hers and they said they would go and try and lock her file.  Monday comes along and presto, the file was gone again.  Heartsent went to bat for us and found out that her file had been locked by another agency.  They approached that agency and asked if they could have the file for one of their families.  Praise the Lord, Holt willingly released the file to Heartsent for us.  Finally we sent in our LOI and on April 29, 2014, we received our official Pre-Approval to adopt:
We are now in a battle against time to get all of our paperwork in and to be in China, before December 1, 2014 when she will turn 14 and no longer be available for adoption.  We appreciate any prayer you would be willing to send our way.  We are also busy doing some fundraisers and working on setting up several garage/bake sales.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.
(the world's most blessed mother)