Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
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Monday, July 8, 2013



I want to introduce you to Jack and Jensen.  Two very special boys.  Jack has a disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum or XP.  It is a rare genetic disorder that makes it impossible for the DNA to repair damage caused by ultraviolet light.  Unfortunately, Jack has not always been able to receive proper management of his condition and is now in great need of medical attention.  Sweet Jensen has cerebral palsy.  His biggest issue is  TIME.  See Jensen will age out of the system the first week of August.  He will turn 14 and no longer be eligible to be adopted. 
Angela and Jon have been given their invitation to travel and adopt these boys.  Angela will be traveling alone and IS leaving on Friday.  This Friday, in 4 days!!!  Their only road block remaining:  $3300.00 
That's it folks $3300.00 is all that is needed to rescue 2 orphans.  I have enter a challenge to help them raise these funds, along with hopefully 16 other people.  We are each praying and working at chipping away at this large mountain. 
We, including you, can do this.  We can show Angela, Jon, their boys at home and their boys in China what God's love really looks like.
All I am asking is that you help me reach my goal of $200.00.  I don't have much to offer but prayer for your family and 2 sets of movie tickets, to 2 lucky people.
Not much but it is a very small token of my appreciation to you for helping this wonderful family. 
All you need to do is donate, any amount, to their FSP and then come back here and comment.  On Friday I will draw two lucky names.
We can do this!!!  All you need to do is give up a few small treats this week. 
Thank you so much for reading about this awesome family and these beautiful boys!!  Please spread the word, pray, and donate.
Any amount will help get them home.
Thank you and praying for you,
If you want to read their blog:

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  1. I donated $20. Should I send a receipt somewhere? If so please let me know at my email (joshandchelsea@gmail.com)