Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
Our family waiting on Prudence and ?????!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Day

Today was a very busy day at our house.  I got all the teenagers up early and we started our day.  First I looked at my email to see if anything had come from the National Visa Center and it had not.  I waited for Daniel and Abby to get ready.  We were blessed and Dewey got the day off, so Aaron and Hannah stayed home with daddy.   It worked out great, as we don't often get time alone with the younger ones.

Our first stop of the day was the eye doctor to pick up my contacts.  While there I asked if I could buy one of their starter kits for contacts to take on the plane.  It comes with a 3 oz bottle of cleaner, perfect for carry ons.  They asked how long I would be gone and I told them 2 weeks and they gave me TWO complete starter kits to get me through the whole trip.  While I was there I realized I forgot to grab the shot list I needed for Abby, so she would be ready to go to China with me.   Abby is going with me, so Dewey can stay home and take care of the other children.  Hannah's health is touchy at times and my parents are in their 70's, so I can't expect them to take care of her, 4 y/o, 13 y/o and a 15 y/o.  Way too much to ask!!!!!

Stopped by the house and picked up the shot list and also found my prescription for my orthotics.  Next we headed to the Highway patrol office.  I can't believe I have a child old enough to drive!!!!!  So off we went.  But then we decided we wanted to eat first, so we stopped for a bite and back on the road.  We finally made it to the office, but it wasn't easy.  We went a slightly different way and totally got confused and spent about 10 minutes just driving around.

Getting ready to go inside and he asks me, will they let you take the test if you feel like you are going to throw up??  I said, "are you that nervous?"  He says, "a little, but I ate too much."

Mom making him pose for my blog.  He wasn't very happy about it, but did it anyway.  He is a good sport.

Did he pass?????????

LOOK OUT MISSOURI, there is a new driving out there.  Well, he has a permit anyway.

Next we went to get my orthotics and no one thought to take pictures.  But while I was waiting on the nice man to make them, I decided to call Dewey and have him check my email.  While I was trying to patiently wait, he kept entering the email or password in incorrectly.  Do you think he was doing it on purpose????????  Anyway, after he started to read off the titles of my emails and the all important one for the National Visa Center was read out loud, I didn't care anymore.  I said open it up and he started to read the first line and it had the all important "the NVC is sending......"  I told him to stop and hit forward.  He said, "Don't you want to know what it says??"  I said, "NO, it is what I am waiting on.  Send it to Karla, NOW, Please!!!"  I told him thank you and I had to go.  Next I called Karla and she answered the phone with "Suzanne, I am forwarding it to China right now."  So on Tuesday, their time, it will be hand delivered and we will be waiting on our Article 5, which takes exactly 2 weeks.  We should be on our way to get Clare in 8 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it 8 WEEKS!!!!!!! 

We had time to blow, so we went to Wal mart where I bought some Peeps.  I am going to make a Peeps Wreath for Easter and send it with my sister to Bahrain to give my niece.  It is really a joke.  Stephanie HATES Peeps!!!  Every time I find something new that is Peeps I get it for her.  Last year I got her the pill Peeps, the ones where you put them in water and they expand.  She seemed to have a really good time playing with them.

We then headed to Abby's doctors appointment.  Let me tell you this is the longest I have ever sat and waited at this doctors office.  I guess that is what happens when you have a healthy child, very unusual for me. 

I have to say, she is just a little too excited/happy to be at the doctors.

Her new passion, I guess another set of movies I will have to go and watch with her.

Our final stop was at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Daniel was not at all excited with his first visit there.  He stood in line for about 55 minutes waiting to get his picture taken.  He even had to let 3 people go in front of him, because I was in the license plates line and was not about to give up my spot to sign a piece of paper for him.  All in all he was a good sport about it and he is already to start learning to drive.

But that will have to wait, because he is off for a weekend camp out with his Boy Scout Troop.

To recap this long post:  We should be leaving to pick up Clare in 8 WEEKS!!!!!!

It is so important now that we raise the remaining money needed to go.  We need another $3130.00 to be fully funded.  If you pray, PLEASE, I am begging you, PLEASE say a prayer for us that we will meet our need with this fundraiser.  If you twitter, facebook

Our fundraiser ends at mid night tomorrow, Saturday, March 23rd.  For every $5.00 you donate and for each share on facebook, twitter, or your blog you will be given a chance for an I Pad II. 


I should be holding my new little girl in 8 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!!! 


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