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Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aaron made it through surgery!!!

Well, Aaron made it through his ear surgery yesterday!!!  We got up bright and early and drove to Children's Mercy South.  As we were pulling into the hospital parking lot Aaron goes, "I can't go here, this is Hannah's doctor."  That tells me Hannah as been admitted too many times in her short life!

We got in and for a 3rd time went through all the admitting questions.  I guess that is okay, because that means 3 people are employed, but I am tired of answering the same 10 questions.  We were called back and his vitals were taken and they made the mistake of telling him he could play with any of the toys, just bring them to the nursing station when finished, so they could be cleaned.  We started with a little farm set and James, from Thomas the train.

He was sticking his tongue out at me, but got it in before the camera snapped.  Darn phone cameras are so slow.  I really need to find my camera!!!!

Aaron and James, before they told us to get him dressed.  He really didn't like the gown they gave us and kept telling us he was okay.

He go boarded with the farm, so we went and found a box of cars, from the movie Cars and a SCHOOL BUS!!!  Aaron loves the bus.  He really wanted to keep it, so we explained how it needed to stay there for the other kiddos. 

Well, then we were done with the cars and found this firetruck.  Look out everyone.  He did try to escape.

Just before they came to take him back to surgery.  It didn't look like that was going to go well.  He kept telling the OR nurse he wanted to go home.  The anesthesiologist came in and showed him some pictures of her dogs she had on her camera and she got him to walk back to the OR room with her.  We were entering the waiting room when he realized we weren't there anymore and I could hear him yelling for me, I wanted to cry.

Out of recovery and almost ready to go home.  All he wanted was to go home and get the IV out.

This is the  school bus we got him.

This is Hiro, from Thomas the tank.  He was suppose to get it for his birthday, but he was so miserable looking I wanted him to have it early.  So, we left the hospital and I drove to the closest Walmart and couldn't find it.  We stopped at Sonic to get him a slushy and remembered that US Toy Company had a large selection of trains.  So, we stopped there on the way home and they had 2 different styles to choose from.  I get out to the car and hand it to Aaron and he quietly says, "Thank you, momma."  Made my day.

His adenoids were removed and a new set of tubes were placed.  The doctor told us the left tube had moved and was positioned over the bones in the ear, so they had to cut it out and patch his ear drum and place the tube in another location.  They say the patch shouldn't hurt his hearing.  I don't think it did, the volume on the tv is about 80% lower then it had been and Aaron is no longer screaming when he talks.  He still screams, but now there is a reason other than he can't hear and it usually involves Hannah.

Remember there are 2 weeks left on the Ipad fundraiser!!!  Thank you to everyone that has donated, prayed and shared.

I can't wait to meet this beautiful little girl!!


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