Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

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Fristoe family
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Father

My father is one of the most loving men you will ever meet.  He has a wonderful personality and genuinely cares about everyone.  I have watched him and my mother accept everyone into their family.  From friends to spouses and step children.  All being treated as equals and treated the same from day one.  He served in the United States Air Force for 28 years as an air traffic controller.  Serving in Vietnam and being stationed all over the world.  After his time in the Air Force he started working as a civilian computer programmer for the Marine Corp Finance Support Center.  He suffered a stroke in 1994 that left him paralyzed on the right side.  It did slow him down a bit but never stopped him.  He traveled with my mom, took care of his mother during her last years.  He accepted my sweet Hannah, down syndrome and all, without a second  thought and did the very same for our sweet Clara, that we adopted from China.  He has more love in him than anyone would know, except those really close to him. 

He is currently 81 years old and has had a real decline in health in the last 3 months.  He got pneumonia at the end of January and spent some time in the VA hospital, before being transferred to a rehab. center.  He really didn't like being at the center so we agreed to bring him home.  This is where he wants to die.  Is in his own home, with his family and his dog, Molly.  While he was really sick in the hospital he kept telling us to let her know he loved her and we finally told him he had to do it himself.  Molly is the orneriest dog I know, she is always making my mother do something either by barking at her or trying to grab her clothing.  She attacks the TV whenever there is an animal or someone on there she thinks is going to get my parents.  I am really surprised she hasn't had a heart attack!!  She is about 10 pounds overweight and looks like a huge tick when she is groomed.  But despite all her "issues"  she loves him very much and stays very close to him.
For the last few days he has been telling us he was ready to die.  I will admit none of us are ready for this, but all know it is unrealistic to believe it will never happen and there is no "perfect" time to it.  I was visiting him on Friday and getting their shopping list when he started telling me that he was very tired.  He said he had been praying and asking God to take him in his sleep and soon.  He also asked me to pray this and why it hadn't happen yet.  I really didn't have an answer and simply said it must not be time and would he like to take to Pastor Pete.  He shocked me by quickly saying yes.  So, I kissed him and mom goodbye and went to shop.  His breathing was labored but his 02 sats were in the low to mid 90's, not tones of someone leaving this world very soon.  He was also very tense and uneasy.  He just wasn't himself.  There was just a very odd feeling in their house, almost uncomfortable, like someone was hiding in it just waiting for the right time to jump.
While at Sam's I called Pastor Pete and told him what was going on and that he was ready to see him.  Pastor Pete cleared his schedule and went right over to see him.  I finished my shopping and headed back to their house for delivery.  Pastor Pete was leaving and stop to talk to me.  He was teary and told me that he had a good talk with him and that he had asked him if he had ever excepted Christ into his life or if he had said the Sinners prayer.  To which my father said he was not sure if he had and proceeded to say the prayer with him.  I felt very humbled by this and joyous.   To know he finally has accepted Christ is such a wonderful feeling.  I never knew if he had or not, I just knew he believed and knew a lot about the Bible.  I just assumed he had done this.
I carried their items into the house and sat down to visit for a second.  My dad thanked me for sending Pete to him.  He was completely relaxed and at peace.  You could see it in his face and in his breathing.  The house had that warm fuzzy feeling again. 
Satan had lost and was out of their house!!!!!
Later that night he called my sister, brother and I over to his house so he could tell us goodbye.  He wanted to make sure we each knew he loved us and would be waiting in heaven for us.  He also told us he didn't want us to cry, but to know he had a wonderful, fulfilling life and was proud of each of us.  He said he wanted us to know, just in case the Lord took him home during the night.  He wanted no regrets.  So, I told him how much I loved him and would see him on the other side, that he better be waiting for me and he said he would.
The Lord didn't take him last night, which selfishly I am happy about.  I am okay though when He does.  Yes, I will cry but I know he is going to a much better place where his body will be healed and he will be free of all his troubles.  Please pray that my father will have a peaceful end to an amazing and wonder life, in God's perfect timing.  He is truly the greatest father in this world and I wouldn't change anything about him.  I love you daddy!!


It has been over a week since I wrote this post.  He is hanging in there and doing better.  The house is still peaceful and he continues to visit with Pastor Pete.

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