Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
Our family waiting on Prudence and ?????!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Sunday I was back in the ER, but this time not with Hannah or any of my other children.  This time I was there with my momma.  She called me about 7:15 am complaining that she had an headache, elevated blood pressure and her heart was racing so fast she couldn't count it.  I took her to the ER and they did a EKG, figured out she was in Atrial fib. and started a cardizem drip.  The medication helped her heart rate come down, but not convert to a normal sinus rhythm.  She was in A-Fib when we were finally sent home on two new meds. and an appointment to see her new cardiologist.  She was so excited when she left the ER, because she really disliked her cardiologist!!  She kept saying she was going to go somewhere else, but never did.  Now I know she won't, because she just loves this new doctor.  Thank you for all the prayers that were sent her way!!

I took her to the cardiologist today and they changed her meds some more and said that as long as she was asymptomatic in A-fib. they wouldn't cardionvert her.  So, she is back home, happy and feeling good.

This is my dad and mom at my nieces wedding in June of this year.  I have to brag, that I have the greatest parents in the world!!!!!!!

I got home in time to go to my granddaughter's 4th birthday party.  We had a really good time and Tayler seemed to like all her gifts.

I am going to update the giveaway and get all the items in order and in one place.  I still need the names of people whom donated to our FSP and the number of chances they earned.


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