Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
Our family waiting on Prudence and ?????!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving along

Found out we are missing one piece of paper from our Dossier.  I will work on that today and get it sent in ASAP

Aaron had a good day at speech therapy, even though he was tired of setting by the time we got there.  He was such a good boy while I was meeting with the MetLife people about building a Special Needs Trust for my babies.  If you haven't set one up yet, get in contact with them.  They have a whole department that specialize in Special Needs Planning and best of all, they do it for free!!  We went to meet the teacher night.  He is so excited to go and can't wait for the school bus to come and get him.

Today we should should hear rather or not Aaron will be getting his tubes or not.  They told me one more infection and he got it, so he better get his tubes.  It is so awful when they hurt and there is nothing you can do for them.

I have to say Thank you for the $50.00 worth of donations we received yesterday!!!!!  Please pray, spread the word, or donate anything will be helpful.  Thank You.

God Bless each and everyone of you.


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