Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
Our family waiting on Prudence and ?????!

Friday, August 19, 2011

School started yesterday!!!

Yesterday was a very busy day for us.  Aaron started preschool and was so excited.  Daniel started HIGH SCHOOL!!!  I can't believe he is old enough to be a freshman.  Where did the time go???  Abby started the 8th grade.  I remember a time when I thought she was my baby and then our little "bonus", Aaron, came along to bring craziness back into our lives.  Then on the he was born, my husband made the comment, "that was easy, we should have another."  Now, he will swear that he said that and blames my OB and me with coming up with the idea of another.  But, we really did discuss it.  Eighteen short months later, along came Hannah.  Her birth was not as easy and introduced us to a whole new world.  A world we now embrace and love.  Soon Clare will join us and the chaos will start again.

Aaron has done nothing but ask when the bus was coming to get him, since we bought his school supplies.  Yesterday I could barely get him from behind me, so he could get on the bus.  Today was better, but now he is off until Monday.

These are his morning drivers.

These are his afternoon drivers

Aaron is happy to see his big sister, Abby!!

Daniel is doing Literature and getting mad at me for taking pictures!!  All I can say is he should be use to it, he is almost 15!!


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