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Our Chinese Butterflies

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Fristoe family
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They need our HELP!!


I'm copying my friend Christie's blog post because she says it better than I ever could . . .

Lisa Warner is landlocked in the Ukraine. She and her husband traveled overseas to ransom a child and bring him home. Fundraising was ALWAYS a struggle for the Warner's. I am begging you now, for all you know, to share this story and donate ANY AMOUNT to their FSP.

*yes, I know their FSP looks good and hearty...looks can be deceiving. When they traveled they had less than $10,000 in their FSP (adoption costs more than double that). They have now paid for one round of travel, the adoption, and all paperwork to come home. They paid for return tickets and LOST $350 for having to cancel those flights. I personally would love to their FSP hit $15,500. Lisa has not asked for ANY OF THIS. This is on my heart alone*

Joshua, their son, is sick. The Embassy doctor will not release him for travel. She believes he has pneumonia--however, she will NOT treat him for pneumonia and neither will any other doctor they have seen because they do not believe he has pneumonia.

They contacted the CDC with the xrays and doctor's reports they have---CDC is giving the doctors a few options. Wait it out (6-8 weeks and retest) or surgically obtain sputum samples to test of TB and risk Joshua's life.

The Warner's are in a very precarious situation. Lisa's sister was found deceased in her apartment by Lisa's mother. Lisa's mother has been caring for their other young boy, Jacob, at home in Michigan.

It is very likely Lisa and Dave will allow the surgical procedure to test for TB and rule it out. This is not an easy decision, nor is it safe for Joshua. The doctor who refuses to let them leave has said she does not want to do this test because it puts Joshua in danger. The doctor is consulting with her team but will ultimately leave the decision up to Lisa and Dave.

They need funds. I would love to see $6,000 more raised for their FSP. Dave has been without income for over a month now. Dave could lose his job over all of this. I pray that does not happen; but it is a real fear and one that needs prayers.

I have nothing to offer you, nothing to entice you with. No fancy cameras. No iPad. No Kindle. Nothing except the comfort in knowing you have helped bless the Warner's in a much needed manner.

You can donate directly to their FSP here http://www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsorwarner

You can follow Lisa's blog at BUILDING OUR VILLAGE

Please do anything you can, share, donate, PRAY.

There are literally stranded in a foreign country with little assistance at this point.


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