Our Chinese Butterflies

Our Chinese Butterflies

Fristoe family

Fristoe family
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Friday, July 22, 2011

What a day.

I had great plans for today.  Mail Clare her care package, mail the last documents for my dossier(minus the home stury and immigration papers), make a payment on our home study.  I had it all planned out, where to go first, second and third.  I was even getting to go without any children.  Then, Hannah woke up.  She was slow to start and when I picked her up, I could see in her eyes something wasn't right.  I layed her on the bed to change her diaper and noticed she was really working hard to breath and retracting quite a bit.  I listened to her lungs(I'm a retired nurse), and they sounded awful!!  So, I called the doctors office and asked for an appointment.  They asked for my name and when I told them Hannah Fristoe, they said just a second and came back on the line and asked if I wanted/could be there by 11:45 or I could come after lunch.  I told them I would feel better if we came in asap.
I jumped in the shower and then dressed Hannah and off we went.  They took us in as soon as we got there.  Tempature was okay, but her O2 sat was 93-95.  The NP came right in to see her and ordered a breathing treatment.  After the treatment and Hannah calmed down they listened to her again and did another O2 sat and there was no improvement.  She told me I needed to take her to Children's Mercy Hospital and get a chest xray.  So, off we went to Kansas.  

We got there and waited and waited and waited.  Finally someone realized we were still there and called again to see if anyone was coming out to get us.  Someone finally came and then we had to sit and wait for the doctor to read it, before we could go home.  They decided she had right upper lobe pneumonia, but that it was probably a virus, since she was only running temps at night.  Yay!!! We got to go home. 

We are home and everyone is in bed.  She is pretty sickly acting and isn't drinking well.  We will see what the night brings.  Last night I had to sit in a chair with her most of the night, so she could sleep, peacefully.  For now, she is in her bed.  Why is it everytime I think I am ready to move her crib into her room, she ends up with some type of breathing issue?????  I am sure she isn't suppose to spend her entire toddler years in my room??  I guess we will see what happens next week.

I never did make it to the post office.  Maybe tomorrow if I get up earily enough, I will be able to mail Clare's package.  I will have to get a picture of this to show you, Hannah will pick up the poster of Clare, I had for the garage sale, and kiss it!!  It is so cute.  We were telling her that was her big sister and to keep kissing her, so Aaron started doing it too.  I love my kids.

Thank you for all the prayers!!!  Please keep them coming.  I have watched my favorite and most helpful movie the last 2 nights and I am ready to FACE MY GIANTS.  If you haven't seen Facing the Giants, you need to soon.  It is an awesome movie!!

We will see what tomorrow brings.  Thank you to whomever donated to our chip in!!!!  That really helped to lift my spirits!!  God Bless You.


P.S.  We got an email today saying our home study was only 1/2 written. :(:(:(


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  1. Oh my I understand ... I've spent more than my fair share of nights in the hospital for pneumonia with Manny, our youngest. I have a personal relationship with the chest xray team! Hope everyone is on the mend in no time! ((Hugs))